August 16, 2022

Customers have to receive their online orders quickly, but choice – such as exactly when their goods arrive – is equally important

It used to be a rule of thumb that the less time someone had to wait for an online delivery, the more likely they were to commit to buying. But new ways of living and working mean that online norms are changing. For instance, next day delivery isn’t always optimum in a world of hybrid working that combines some days in the office and some days working from home.

Assumptions and practices have been upended by the growth of online shopping as a result of the Covid pandemic. Research by Barclaycard found that shopping online proved popular throughout 2021, growing 63% since 2019 compared with face-to-face retail spending, which saw a smaller rise of 0.6%. As a leading global payment business, Barclaycard processes nearly £1 in every £3 spent using credit and debit cards in the UK.

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