August 16, 2022

From premium gin to coffee syrups, UK small businesses are thriving as they learn how to sell their goods overseas

The UK’s pub culture and its traditions of brewing and distilling, from London gin to Scotch whisky, have long made drinks a significant international export, and it’s an industry in which entrepreneurs can still thrive today. So what does it take to develop a new British drinks brand, whether alcoholic or not, and then get the rest of the world excited about it? We met three small and medium-sized UK businesses to find out.

“I don’t think we have to put a daffodil on our cans to be an iconic Welsh brand,” says Joelle Drummond, founder of Drop Bear Beer Co, a Swansea-based producer of non-alcoholic (0.3-0.5% ABV) craft beer. “The most important thing for us is the taste: and we have a great tasting product. We want to create sustainable Welsh jobs, use Welsh ingredients where we can, and support communities. We’re a Welsh business and we’re proud – but we don’t want to be limited to only selling our product here.”

Proudly Welsh but designed from the start to be scalable, Drop Bear’s range is now available as far afield as New Zealand

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